About us

Studio Sense offers you a variety of relaxing, therapeutic, as well as beauty treatments. Our professional team is always ready for work and on your service. We combine the knowledge, the technology and the experience in order to reach the right solution for your skin problems. The therapeutic approach in all types of massages will become your best ally in the fight against the muscle tension caused by the everyday stress.



Until recently, manicure was considered as a luxury. Nowadays it becomes part of everyday life. READ MORE


Well treated feet are reflection of the way you take care of your body. Your feet are the most visible part of your body during the summer period. READ MORE

Facial treatments

We offer a variety of facial treatments for oily, dry, combination and mature skin: READ MORE


The removal of the unwanted hair from the body takes big part of every woman’s life. Modern women want smooth body and the only way to accomplish that is through waxing. READ MORE


Massage of the back, body, neck, legs, arms, face or the stomach.
The massage cannot cure all illnesses but READ MORE


The body wrapping is actually melting of the extra fat from certain body parts. It involves putting on an algae cream, wrapping the body with a special wrap, which causes for the body to heat up and sweat. READ MORE